Shadows Present available in the UK and Canada as well! How cool is that?

(Of course this was the case days after Shadows Present was launched on Amazon USA ~ but it’s taken me a bit to get this website up and running and the info over here! 😉 Hey! I’ve been busy :-D)

Still cool though ~ for multiple reasons. A couple of those are: I have friends in/from Canada and the UK, and some were among the  people there who contributed to my decision to publishing through Amazon.

Just two of them: Continue reading “Shadows Present available in the UK and Canada as well! How cool is that?”

Shadows Present ~ Already!

When I posted this image (a screenshot of the online proofing tool at Screen-shot-2014-01-08-at-9.28.42-AM-1024x641CreateSpace) here ~ 3 days ago ~ I was under the impression that it would take “5 – 7 days” for the print edition of the novel to appear for sale on Amazon (I got that impression from the notice after I approved the final proof that said “your title will be available on Amazon in 5-7 days”) . . .

Plenty of time, I’m thinking, to prepare and upload the Kindle eBook edition, finish this website, write a blog post about it for my then primary writer’s website (, let my family and friends know, seek out some reviews, and then attend to the details of promotion as they came up.

Ahem . . . Well, I did get the Kindle version done . . . a week sure goes by a lot faster these days!